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Chiropractic care is just as important, if not MORE important for babies and toddlers!

The first reason and easier to comprehend, is the mere fact that if they are not aligned as kids, then they will continue to grow in misalignment. Think of a bonsai tree. If a tree starts off crooked, it will continue to grow that way. Same with our kids! We oftentimes see adults that have complaints and problems that clearly started when they were a child.

The first major trauma that any of us experienced was child birth. After birth, we hold babies like they are precious bowls of china. But during the birthing process, they are pushed, yanked, and sometimes vacuumed out! This traumatic experience for the baby, oftentimes causes misalignment in the upper neck area. A simple adjustment, with the force of that which you would test the ripeness of a tomato, can improve sleeping, spitting up, ear infections, and more. Chiropractic for newborns is essential.

We often get asked, how early can a child be adjusted? Our answer.. as soon as they’re born! Dr. Tillie has adjusted an infant as early as 4 hours old.

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